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Meet Ryan Bradshaw…

Ryan BradshawI am a father and husband first. I can be a difficult man to read, and a man that loves enticing conversation.  I’m a small town kid from Drummond, MT, that was born and raised in the same 60 mile radius, and never left the state until the age of 18.  It was the small town I was raised in that shaped me into who I am.
I live by 3 principles:

  1. You want something go and get it yourself
  2. Take responsibility for everything that happens to you
  3. Only focus on what you are good at.

I always found serenity moving through life to the beat of my own drum. From getting baptized into the LDS church to becoming one of the first white rappers in Montana, I have never shied away from being unique and trying new experiences. I’ve failed at plenty of things and only succeeded at a few.  Those few successes have blessed me with the life I have today.

I am a self-made man that loves impacting those around me.  I am calm and crazy, funny and outspoken, but most importantly I’m unique compared to others around me.  I’m not afraid to try anything.  I say yes often.  I don’t worry about failing, and when I do fail I point the finger at myself and move on.  I am about consistent change and embracing that change with open arms.

In 2002 I completed my first full length hip hop album.  In 2005 I shared a stage with multi-platinum artist 50 Cent.  In 2006 I sold out the famous Missoula Wilma Theater.  2007 was a transition year in which I realized I wanted my own DJ company.  In 2008 I started RMF Entertainment, which grew to become the largest DJ service in the state of Montana.  Under my wing, RMF did more then 2,000 weddings over 11 years and garnered more then 500 online reviews through WeddingWire.  I sold RMF Entertainment in 2018 to a friend of mine, Jordan Waldo, to pursue other interests and grow other ventures.

In 2019 Bradshaw Media was created.  Bradshaw Media encompasses all things music and media related, but my main focus is to provide an elite DJ service for Montana weddings where people can work with me directly.  I am requested often, and wanted to give people the opportunity to work with me one on one to ensure a successful and fun event.  I also run a Photo booth rental service on here for Montana weddings and events, and provide lighting services if you would like that added in as well.  Each of those services has a page above if you are looking for more information.

This website is also the home to my unique Off The Clock Seminars and my Bradshaw Basketball 3 on 3 tournament.  I am a firm believer in doing things you love, and that’s why this website is the home to all these different ventures I’m a part of.

Please browse the site as Bradshaw Media is in the beginning stages of growth. I would love to individually work with you and provide my DJ or Photo booth service to you and your family.  I work hands on with everyone that hires me and I will give you my undivided attention to make sure you get the value you pay for.

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Mobibooth:  The Photo booth Kiosk that won best new photo booth in 2017

A state of the art photo booth for your wedding or event.

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