A Wedding DJ Is Your Most Important Vendor

I truly believe I’m one of the best Montana wedding DJs that you could ever hire. I don’t say that as a marketing ploy. I say it because I’m confident in my abilities and my track record in the wedding industry speaks for itself. I have overseen more then 2,000 weddings and have personally DJ’d over 500 in my career. I’ve never missed a wedding. I’ve never cancelled a wedding. I have garnered hundreds of perfect reviews, and I truly feel that I conduct, DJ, and MC a wedding as good as anyone in the state of Montana. I developed the perfect system that is now used by many DJs to coordinate weddings, and I’ve never received less than a 5 star review on WeddingWire or The Knot in 10 years. I provide unparalleled service and I can guarantee your wedding to be a successful and unforgettable night. If you want elite service and want to work with me directly then please contact me so we can start planning your Montana wedding today.

What Separates Me From Other DJs:

Couples looking for a Montana Wedding DJ need to keep a couple things in mind as this information should help you look at our job a lot differently. First, I don’t like the term “DJ” if I’m being honest with you. By calling yourself a DJ you’re limiting yourself to a guy that can only play music. Even though that’s the job title, we’re not necessarily just DJs especially at a wedding. Most DJs I’ve seen make a preset playlist before they even get to a venue and that playlist is exactly what they will play regardless of how the crowd is responding to them. These DJs are the ones that struggle at weddings because they don’t really know music like they should. I’m not necessarily a DJ anyways. I’m not spinning vinyl or anything like that. Yes, I’m mixing your music, but I’m also your entertainment coordinator and MC for the evening.

I consider myself a Wedding Entertainer/Coordinator if you want to be specific. Being a DJ is just a small part of that description and what I do at a wedding or big corporate event. I provide so much more than just “playing music” that the term “DJ” does not adequately encompass the diverse services that I’m able to offer. I take on many additional roles that add up to your event’s overall success such as:

  • Planning and music editing
  • Leadership and help with layout
  • Delegation
  • Announcements and day of coordination (your professional MC)
The most important aspect of my job is taking the role of Master of Ceremonies the entire night to assure your wedding flows smoothly without a single hitch. The Wedding Planning Form on the site is perfect for organization and helps me run a wedding flawlessly. I will plan your celebration in advance to get you to the point where you can relax and just have a good time, knowing that all the preparation has already been done. What bride wants to worry about telling the Catering Manager when to pour the champagne? What groom wants to worry about where to dim the lights for the first dance? What mother-in-law wants to worry about the order and announcements of all special dances and events? What best man wants to wonder when he is supposed to give the toast? What couple wants to worry about micromanaging their own wedding? If you prefer to have someone make professional announcements, keep to the order of events, and keep all your guests informed than choose a wedding entertainer over a DJ every time to assist you on your wedding day. I promise if you choose reliable wedding entertainment for your big day you will love yourself for it. The “DJ” you hire will make or break one of the biggest days of your life, and that’s why people need to take the hiring of this vendor way more seriously. I have never received a negative review in all my years being in this industry. I’ve never been late to a wedding, and I will guarantee you I can deliver the service that will give you the wedding you envision. Also, if you are interested in uplighting or digital photobooths for your wedding let me know and I would love to discuss the options with you.

My Guarantee:

  • I will always respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours or less
  • You will have access to your client area on the website for planning at all times.
  • I will make sure to have any and every special song you need for your wedding.
  • I will have back up gear at every event in the rare case a piece of gear fails.
  • I will meet with you as many times as you want for planning and organizing.
  • I will personally be your DJ and point of contact for every wedding I’m hired for.
  • I bring back up gear to every wedding.
  • I have my own event insurance.
  • I will directly work with you at all times when you need me.
  • If you hire me, then you will get me.

These things are priceless in the wedding industry and I will offer that to you if you choose to work with me on your special day.

Please keep reading below for more information on pricing and to see reviews. If you would like to check availability you can do so by clicking this link and I’ll get back to you with information in under 24 hours. BRADSHAW MEDIA AVAILABILITY

Bradshaw Media is an elite Montana Wedding DJ company based out of Missoula, MT. I do service all of Montana, Idaho, Washington and surrounding areas. Please ask if you want more information.


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