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Ryan’s Story:

Ryan Bradshaw of Bradshaw Media

Born in Montana and raised in a small town called Drummond, I started my career in the DJ industry in 2003 for friends and family as a way to get through college.  Being a Montana wedding DJ wasn’t something I thought I could make a career out of, but I knew I loved it enough to keep pursuing it.  After spending years in the music industry, I founded RMF Entertainment in 2007 with longtime friend Neal Wood. RMF Entertainment grew to become the largest and most reliable DJ service in the entire Northwest garnering over 500 reviews on the nation’s most trusted wedding source, WeddingWire.  RMF is still growing and Jordan Waldo, another longtime friend of Ryan, oversees and continues RMF’s storied success throughout Montana and the Northwest.

I sold RMF Entertainment to pursue other interests and investments, but I’m still involved in the wedding industry and I work close with RMF to pursue our goals of expansion and our continuous efforts to be the epitome of DJ services across the Northwest.

I truly feel that I conduct, DJ, and MC a wedding as good or better then anyone in the state of Montana.  I have personally DJ’d and coordinated over 450 weddings in my career.  I developed the perfect system that is now used by many DJs to coordinate weddings, and I’ve never received less than a 5 star review on WeddingWire or The Knot in 10 years. I have worked at more than 50 different venues across the state, and have close relationships with most wedding planners and event coordinators throughout western Montana.  Those relationships took years to build and I want to continue to grow and nurture them as I go into this next phase of my business.

I can provide unparalleled service and I can guarantee your wedding to be a successful and unforgettable night.  If you want elite service and want to work with me directly then please contact me so we can start planning your Montana wedding today.

What Separates Me From Other DJ’s:

I have been doing weddings since 2003 and every year I learn more and more about it. In 2007 I decided it was a good idea to make wedding entertainment my career. Over the last 11 years I was able to build one of the most reputable companies in the Northwest called RMF Entertainment.  I’ve personally DJ’d close to 500 weddings and I’ve learned one thing: Not everyone or every DJ can be a wedding entertainer. There is a huge difference between being a DJ and being a wedding coordinator/entertainer.

Dancing the night away

Couples looking for a wedding DJ need to keep a couple things in mind as this information should help you look at our job a lot differently. First, I don’t like the term “DJ” if I’m being honest with you. By calling yourself a DJ you’re limiting yourself to a guy that can only play music.  Even though that’s the job title, we’re not necessarily just DJs. A lot of DJs I’ve seen make a preset playlist before they even get to a venue or bar and that playlist is exactly what they will play regardless of how the crowd is responding to them. Trust me I’ve seen it. These DJs are the ones that struggle at weddings because they don’t really know music like they should.  I’m not necessarily a DJ anyways.  I’m not spinning vinyl, mixing songs, or even creating my own mixes.

So what am I?

I consider myself a Wedding Entertainer/Coordinator if you want to be specific. Being a DJ is just a small part of that description and what I do at a wedding or big corporate event. I provide so much more than just “playing music” that the term “DJ” does not adequately encompass the diverse services that I’m able to offer. I take on many additional roles that add up to your event’s overall success such as:

  • Planning and music editing
  • Leadership and help with layout
  • Delegation
  • Announcements and day of coordination (your professional MC)

The most important aspect of my job is taking the role of Master of Ceremonies the entire night to assure your wedding flows smoothly without a single hitch. The Wedding Planning Form on the site is perfect for organization and helps me run a wedding flawlessly.

I will plan your celebration in advance to get you to the point where you can relax and just have a good time, knowing that all the preparation has already been done. What bride wants to worry about telling the Catering Manager when to pour the champagne? What groom wants to worry about where to dim the lights for the first dance? What mother-in-law wants to worry about the order and announcements of all special dances and events? What best man wants to wonder when he is supposed to give the toast? What couple wants to worry about micromanaging their own wedding? If you prefer to have someone make professional announcements, keep to the order of events, and keep all your guests informed then choose a wedding entertainer over a DJ every time to assist you on your wedding day.

I promise if you choose reliable wedding entertainment for your big day you will love yourself for it. The “DJ” you hire will make or break one of the biggest days of your life, and that’s why people need to take the hiring of this vendor way more seriously.  I have never received a negative review in all my years being in this industry.  I’ve never been late to a wedding.  And I will guarantee you I can deliver the service that will give you the wedding you envision.

My Guarantee:

  • I will always respond to emails and phone calls within 24 hours or less
  • You will have access to your client area on the website for planning at all times.
  • I will make sure to have any and every special song you need for your wedding.
  • I will have back up gear at every event in the rare case a piece of gear fails.
  • I will meet with you as many times as you want for planning and organizing.
  • I will personally be your DJ and point of contact for every wedding I’m hired for.
  • I bring back up gear to every wedding.  I have my own event insurance.  I will directly work with you at all times when you need me.  If you hire me, then you will get me.  These things are priceless in the wedding industry and I will offer that to you if you choose to work with me on your special day.

Please keep reading below for more information on pricing and to see reviews.  If you would like to check availability you can do so by clicking this link and I’ll get back to you with information in under 24 hours.  BRADSHAW MEDIA AVAILABILITY

Professional wedding DJ’s and their importance:

I have written numerous blogs regarding this subject over the years and my conviction on this subject is stronger now than it’s ever been.  Weddings are the most important day of most people’s lives minus having their first born child, yet so many people are still stuck on the idea that they can spend less than $1000 on their DJ and have a good wedding.  While that can be true, I have seen countless Montana wedding DJs cancel on their brides last minute because they treat “Dj’n” as a side job.

You will only remember if you had fun.

The average cost of a wedding nationwide according to statistics in The Knot magazine is $35,329.  In Montana we are below the national average and come in around $14,545 on average.  That is still a lot of money to invest in a wedding.  Most people only want to put $750 of that budget towards the most important vendor at a wedding:  The DJ.

If you are spending that kind of money and spending a year planning the most important day of your life why would you want to risk it all over $500-$1000?  The notion of “let me do my own music” to save money on the wedding budget is as insane to me as letting your siblings with no experience do all the cooking for the food.

Yet…people sadly do this all the time.  They will spend $1000 on a wedding cake and not think twice.  Drop over $3,000 on decorations and flowers and not even care.  Spend more than 3-5k on a photographer.  Drop copious amounts of money on food, drinks, invitations, rehearsal dinners, tuxes, dresses, tents, lighting, and more.  Then it’s time for them to get their DJ and they have $650 left in their budget.  They look for bargains and hope that good ole Uncle Larry can do the sound.  They have a friend of a friend who “DJ’d” once in college and has some speakers.  That should do the trick right?

Before I go any further I will say that some people can get away with cheap DJs and doing the music themselves. Obviously everyone is different and has different expectations, but 9 out of 10 times this will end in a disaster and it’s the ONLY thing people will remember about your wedding.

The number one thing brides and grooms regret the most according to The Knot magazine is not taking the hiring of their DJ more seriously.  I can promise the DJ will make or break your night about every time.

The DJ is the most important vendor you will book.

Most brides don’t realize this until it’s too late and their wedding is over.  When people leave your wedding there is only one thing they are going to talk about:  How much fun it was and how great it was to see people.  They won’t care about your thousands in decorating.  They won’t care about fancy seats and chair covers.  They aren’t going to remember how great dresses and tuxes looked.  They won’t even remember half the time how fancy the venue was.  They are only going to remember how good the food was and if they had a damn good time at your wedding.  That is it.

A professional DJ does so much more than playing music.  They make proper announcements, coordinate, and organize your wedding with you.  They keep track of the timelines created and make sure that all the other vendors are ready for each specific formality such as the first dance and so on.

The Reviews Speak For Themselves…

Read View reviews: in  

* Ryan is the founder of RMF Entertainment, which he owned and operated from 2007-2018, prior to starting Bradshaw Media.  Under his wing and guidance RMF Entertainment amassed more then 500 reviews.  Several of his personal reviews can be found on RMF Entertainment’s Wedding Wire account.  They date back all the way to 2008.  For more information please contact Bradshaw Media at 406-531-8593

Packages & Pricing

My Pricing does vary based on the following criteria:

  • The Month and Day of your wedding.
  • How far I have to travel.
  • Is your wedding on a Holiday or not.

Weddings that are on a summer Saturday between the peak wedding season months of June-September are going to cost more then weddings that are on a Saturday between the months of October-March.

The same can be said for weekday weddings.  If you are getting married on a Friday for example as opposed to a Saturday, the pricing will be less expensive as well. Weekday weddings will always be less expensive then weekend weddings.

I like to try and work with people’s budgets the best I can, however I am worth the prices I charge because of the experience and reliability that comes along with it.

Please keep in mind that wedding vendors base their prices off supply and demand just like most companies do.  June-September Saturdays are the highest requested days for wedding vendors in Montana.  Those Saturdays can book up extremely fast, whereas a weekday or a Saturday outside of the summer are going to be less busy which is why you are able to get a less expensive rate on those days.

This is the big reason I no longer post my pricing online.  It’s easier to share my options through an email and over the phone so you can get a good idea of what is all included in my pricing along with the full cost itself.

Please email me at bradshawmedia24@gmail.com or call directly at 406-531-8593.  You can also check my availability by clicking this link and I will get back to you with information in under 24 hours.  CHECK BRADSHAW MEDIA AVAILABILITY

Please Note: If your wedding is between October through April please contact me via email or phone and I would be happy to negotiate pricing with you.  The above pricing reflects Montana’s busiest season along with the busiest day—Saturday.  The same goes if your wedding is not on Saturday, but between the months of May-September.  I would love to discuss your wedding with you as I am dedicated to making sure that if I’m hired your wedding is going to be perfectly ran with me there.

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