Packages & Pricing

Packages & Pricing Information

My Pricing does varies based on the following criteria:
  • The Month and Day of your wedding.
  • How far I have to travel.
  • Is your wedding on a Holiday or not.
Weddings that are on a summer Saturday between the peak wedding season months of June-September are going to cost more then weddings that are on a Saturday between the months of October-March. The same can be said for weekday weddings. If you are getting married on a Friday for example as opposed to a Saturday, the pricing will be less expensive as well. Weekday weddings will always be less expensive then weekend weddings. I like to try and work with people’s budgets the best I can, however I am worth the prices I charge because of the experience and reliability that comes along with it. Please keep in mind that wedding vendors base their prices off supply and demand just like most companies do. June-September Saturdays are the highest requested days for wedding vendors in Montana. Those Saturdays can book up extremely fast, whereas a weekday or a Saturday outside of the summer are going to be less busy which is why you are able to get a less expensive rate on those days. This is the big reason I no longer post my pricing online. It’s easier to share my options through an email and over the phone so you can get a good idea of what is all included in my pricing along with the full cost itself. Please email me at bradshawmedia24@gmail.com or call directly at 406-531-3643. You can also check my availability by clicking this link and I will get back to you with information in under 24 hours. CHECK BRADSHAW MEDIA AVAILABILITY Please Note: If your wedding is between October through April please contact me via email or phone and I would be happy to negotiate pricing with you. The above pricing reflects Montana’s busiest season along with the busiest day—Saturday. The same goes if your wedding is not on Saturday, but between the months of May-September. I would love to discuss your wedding with you as I am dedicated to making sure that if I’m hired your wedding is going to be perfectly ran with me there.