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DJ Profiles

Colin Marshall

My DJ Background

Hi, my name is Colin and I’ve been DJ’ing professionally for over 15 years under the moniker DJ Coma. Since I was little, I’ve always had a love for listening to music and finding new music. In high school I got my first set of turntables and a mixer and slowly taught myself how to DJ.

What was once a bedroom hobby turned into a job and career in 2005 while I was in college, when I started DJ’ing clubs and bars around Missoula and beyond. I also began producing and selling remixes that other DJ’s around the world purchased and played in their sets.

To date I have performed over 1,000 gigs, including club venues such as Liquid Pool at Aria In Las Vegas, and Trinity in Seattle. In the hip-hop world I’ve had the honor of opening for Method Man, Redman, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Twista, E-40, Devin The Dude, and Kurupt. I’ve also shared the stage with electronic acts such as Kill The Noise, DJ Dan, Savoy, and Lucky Date.

Wedding DJ

Ryan Bradshaw and I have had a working relationship for over a decade now, as he has hired me to DJ many of his epic club parties. With Ryan’s mentorship and encouragement, I have shifted my DJ career mostly out of the bars and clubs and into the wedding industry. As of today, I have over 50 weddings under my belt.

With that experience I have learned that the role of the wedding DJ goes well beyond playing music. My job as your DJ is to keep the wedding moving on schedule, coordinate with the other vendors, and host the event, as well as pack the dance floor when it comes time. I will do all that without making myself the center of attention at your wedding. I take pride in making sure everything sounds great, and that everybody has a good time.


Autumn (Events By Autumn)

As a planner, I always work with Ryan when I book Bradshaw Media. BUT, on the date of this client’s wedding, Ryan was already booked, so Colin was our DJ. Honestly, I’ve worked with Ryan for 15+ years now, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Colin didn’t skip a beat. He read the “room,” played the right music at the right time. Worked with me on the timeline – it all flowed very smoothly. The kicker? Colin asked me (on the day of) if he could show up little early to set up. I didn’t think twice about it – but he showed up early because he had a migraine and was managing his symptoms, to try to get rid of it before the wedding started. I get migraines – THEY ARE BRUTAL, and I so know what he felt like – we’re talking dark room, ice pack, SILENCE. You guys. He ROCKED this wedding, migraine and all (because you only get one wedding day, and he takes his job seriously). We had cool up-lighting, strobes, great music, bumpin’ loud system. Despite the fact he probably felt like crap, he never ONCE let on that he didn’t feel well, and I didn’t know he had a migraine until he started tearing down (and the client never knew). Overall, It was a great night, and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And I’m thankful to Colin for filling Ryan’s shoes. Job well done! Ryan’s got a good team, and I highly recommend them.

Lexi Lee & Max Swartz

Keep Colin forever, he was so so so patient and very easy to work with! He did everything we asked and was so professional. Thank you so much for keeping everyone dancing their butts off!

Paul & Shannon Harper

We recently hired Colin for our wedding, and were so happy with the choice.  Our DJ was really amazing. He took control of the reception and oversaw every last detail. The dance floor was pretty legendary, and so many of our guests approached us afterwards to tell us how good the DJ/music was.  Book Colin today. You won’t be disappointed!

Jessica S.

We had a wonderful experience with RMF. We were planning a wedding in Montana from California and the staff made it easier than we could of imagined! The planning forms were so easy to follow, and their follow up calls were helpful. (If we ran into any issues at all they contacted us or resolved it within 48 hours). Our photographer even noted that this was the best DJ experience she ever had! Our DJ, Colin, communicated well, was very professional, and also read the crowd so perfectly. The night was magical, and it was made possible by our DJ. Absolutely wonderful! If you are in their service area, or planning a wedding in their servicing areas-definately use them!

Kenny Keddy

How It All Started

Kenny Keddy has now been working with Ryan Bradshaw for 2 years.  Ryan saw major potential in Kenny while he was working for him in another company and decided to take Kenny under his wing and show him everything he knew about successfully DJ’n and entertaining at a wedding.

Now Kenny is a major piece of what Bradshaw Media is doing in the wedding industry.

Kenny is funny, energetic, and always ready to have fun.  Standing at a slender 6’8, his height isn’t the only reason he stands out.  He’s excellent on the microphone, loves to dance if asked to, and is well versed in mixing in and out of different genres of music.

Why A Wedding DJ?

I love weddings.  From the first one Ryan took me too I was hooked.  I really don’t know if there’s a better “job” that you can find.  I get to take the stress off a bride and groom by helping them organize and coordinate their day, play good music to get people dancing, and most of all I enjoy being around people that like having a good time.

The most important thing for me is making sure the bride and groom are enjoying themselves.  I’ve found that if I’m just doing my job how it’s supposed to be done and doing it with a lot of enthusiasm everything else just falls into place.  Weddings allow me to be myself and I’m thriving doing this.  It’s hard to believe this is considered a job.

I would love to work with you if you are reading this.  I’m also willing to meet in person or chat over the phone.  You can send a message to contact me on this website if you are interested.


Michelle (Blush+Bloom Events)

If you want a dj who knows how to engage the crowd and make your special night incredible….. look no further. Ken Is beyond dedicated to his profession. He made our night one to remember! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else!