The Story Behind the Booth.

I have been in the DJ industry and wedding industry for more then 15 years now.  When I sold RMF Entertainment in 2018 one of my goals as an elite DJ service was to add the option of a photo booth.  Over the years I’ve been asked several times if I have one, and I always had to turn the business away.  So, I teamed up with Jordan Waldo at RMF and we decided we’re going to offer a Mobibooth Aura as part of our services and options now.

At first we were going to use the MirrorMe booth.  We were close to going that route and then realized they are big, bulky, and super expensive.  We wanted to keep our offer of a booth simple and affordable as well as use one that is sleek and elegant.  That is why we offer the Mobibooth Aura.  It’s compact and looks good, but it’s easy to set up and we can customize it to whatever you need for your wedding or event.  It also won 2017’s award of best new photobooth of the year in the wedding industry.

There aren’t any bulky set ups with this, and we don’t need a lot of space.  Yet this photobooth takes amazing pictures using the 2018 Ipad Pro 12.9.  They are crystal clear and can be sent to anyone’s mobile device at the drop of a button at your wedding or event.

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Why Rent a Photobooth?

In the age of wedding hashtags and bridal selfies, it’s no wonder wedding photo booths have become popular staples in recent years. Photo booths at weddings are appropriate for lavish, black tie affairs, and backyard nuptials alike; there’s just something magical that occurs when you let your guests express themselves, no matter the setting (and especially when there are fun props involved). If you’re still on the fence about whether a wedding photo booth is for you, here are 5 reasons that may sway your decision:

  1. Entertainment Value

Chances are, you want your wedding to be fun for everyone. Sure, you booked a great DJ and you plan to keep the cocktails flowing, but dancing isn’t for everyone, and if you have children and teens in attendance you’ll want to keep them busy too! A photo booth at your wedding will give your guests the opportunity to strike a pose–after the YMCA, but before the Macarena–and is guaranteed to be a great source of entertainment. I dare you not to crack a smile while watching grandma use the mustache prop.

  1. Do Yourself a Favour

How many weddings have you attended where they “thank” you for coming with a bag of Jordan Almonds or yet another shot glass? Of course you want to thank your guests for sharing in your big day, but do away with the cliché and gift your guests a personalized photo strip that captures just how much fun they had at your photo booth wedding. Include your wedding date and logo to make sure they remember exactly where they were when they had that big goofy smile plastered across their face.

  1. Make Memories

You’ve hired a professional photographer to capture the memories from your big day, from the moment you walk down the aisle, to your first dance, and everything in between. But what about Uncle Dennis flashing a peace sign while wearing a feather boa? A wedding photo booth creates and captures memories that you may not otherwise have, and instantly prints a keepsake for those who will always remember.

  1. Let Your Hair Down

Posed photos of you and your new husband or wife are wonderful, and the family photos that your photographer captures on your big day will forever be special to you, but there is immense value in having some no-holds-barred, un-planned, un-edited photos of your day. So grab mom and dad and capture an impromptu family photo, or meet your bridesmaids and groomsmen in the wedding photo booth for a wacky wedding party photo shoot; trust me, you won’t regret it.

  1. Bring People Together

The seating chart that you painstakingly prepared ensures a lack of awkward moments and drama-fueled conversation, but it doesn’t guarantee that everyone–including those friends and family members who haven’t met–gets together and socializes. Trust me, nothing brings people together quite like the line-up for the photo booth. This is where Aunt Sally and your friend Heather from college will discover that they both have an affinity for Justin Timberlake, prompting high fives every time one of his songs comes on.

A photo booth wedding will have people talking long after your big day has come and gone, and isn’t that what we’re all after.

What’s Included and What you can Expect

When you rent the photobooth I include the following perks with every rental:

  • Black back drop that can set up in any convenient space you desire.  (We can work close with each other on how and where you would like the booth set up.)
  • Props and costume props are included with every rental.
  • Props include but aren’t limited too glasses, mustaches, hats, masks, and more.
  • Set up takes less then 90 minutes.
  • Wireless printer for all your pics instantly
  • Customized filters and logos that can be used specifically for your wedding or event.

Pricing and Booking

Weddings: For weddings the pricing is a flat rate of $750 for 5 hours. That price includes the following:

  • All set up and tear down.  We will arrive 90 minutes early to set up and you get a guaranteed 5 hours of time with the booth.
  • All props and backdrops.  We provide a black back drop with table props used for the pics.
  • Pictures may be shared through your mobile devices and airdrop options.

Special Events and Birthday parties:  Please contact me for more information.  Pricing for these events depends greatly on the month, day, and time of year you are needing the booth.  Click here to receive more Info

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